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A Vision Of His Glory

"A Vision Of His Glory" by Anne Graham Lotz
I have had this book sitting on my book shelf for several years, finally I have read it and have been blessed by the books message of hope. Most of the scripture passages in the book are from Revelations, each chapter in the book starts with the word hope. The author asked a question, "What does it mean to fall prostrate before Christ as though you were dead? A dead man is silent. It means there is no more discussion about what you think He should or should not do, no more argument about His will, no more rationalization of your behavior, no more excuses for your sin! Falling prostrate means you are silent before Christ. Dead silent. A dead man is also still. It means there is no more wrestling with His will for your life." The author asks another great question, "What vision of Jesus are you missing because you are preoccupied with yourself?" I would say from my own personal life, I have missed many visions of Jesus because I was to wrapped up in my own self. Many years ago I read in John 3: 30, "He must become greater; I must become less." I now have that verse memorized and emblazon in the forefront of my mind.