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One of the most difficult things to me about having a blog is coming up with a good title for my new posts; should the title be direct and to the point, or should it be catching in order to entice the readers eye, or maybe it should be a really dramatic title that has absolutely nothing at all to do with the post, like cat fight?
This week I have finished 2 books, both books I read during my devotional time, I read 1 chapter out of each of them, everyday, during my daily devotional time till the books were completed. "Learning To Pray Through The Psalms" by James W. Sire and "Jesus 90 Days With The One And Only, Personal Reflections Series" by Beth Moore.
"Learning To Pray Through The Psalms" was a book on teaching us to slow down and really absorb and study the Psalms. To often I have breezed through in reading the Psalms, not pausing to soak in what the Psalmist's message was, nor what was God trying to say to me. The author James W. Sire recommends reading the Psalms slowly, aloud, and think very deeply about the words, meditating on them. The following Psalms are studied; Psalm 32, 130, 4, 5, 42-43, 7, 84, 137, 139 and 46. I recommend reading chapter 11 before beginning with chapter 1, chapter 11 tells us why the author wrote this book, the reasons why we should pray and that prayer is a discipline, this chapter to me gives a great start to the rest of the book.
My favorite quote from this book is towards the end, from the chapter on Psalm 46, "The message is not that if we meditate we will experience God. The message is that God is in charge of all reality, that what he wills happens and we should stop trying to take his job on ourselves. But the way to get that message is to be still in another way-that is, to meditate." This was a message not just for my eyes, but for my heart.
"Jesus 90 Days With The One And Only", this book is based on one of Beth Moore's bible studies and also a book entitled Jesus The One And Only. This book was a treat to tweak up my daily devotional time. There are about 3 pages to read for each day, a few questions to ask, and 1 set of scriptures to look up and read, the scriptures are based out of Luke's gospel. A few of the questions were easy to answer, but some of the questions I had to think and pray about, and that is a good thing!
I am currently reading "Celebration Of Discipline" by Richard Foster, I read this book several years ago and it is my favorite Christian non-fiction book. A few of my friends on Shelfari and I are reading and discussing this classic book on spiritual growth. I am currently on chapter 4, this chapter is on fasting, my least favorite activity.