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Quotes I have read this week

"I surround myself with the light of Christ, I cover myself with His blood, and I seal myself with His cross." Richard Foster
"The purpose of prayer is not to get what we want, but to become what God wants." Our Daily Bread.
"The Lord already knows how His children will respond to tests of obedience. He challenges people because He wants them to know the truth about how well they submit. A believer's willingness to obey (or disobey) reveals the state of his or her commitment to God." Charles Stanley.
"Whatever our faith says God is, He will be." Streams In The Desert.
"Delayed answers to prayers are not refusals. Many prayers are received and recorded yet underneath are the words, 'my time has not yet come.' God has a fixed time and an ordained purpose, and He controls the limits of our lives and also determines the time of our deliverance." author unknown.