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My Mother is dieing. I've been with my dad since the 12Th, he does not have a computer at his house, so I'm posting this from the public library. Mother has had Alzheimer's many years, and has lived several years in a Nursing Home. Mother is unable to eat now because the upper part of her lungs are not functioning and she could aspirate, she also can no longer swallow. It is heart breaking and heart wrenching to see her like this, but yet laying in her bed she looks peaceful and calm, it is us her family that are observing all of this with pain and sadness. I am reading some, at times it is hard for me to concentrate, my eyes wander, I believe the malady is grief. I will post when she does die. Thank you.


J. Kaye Oldner said…
I am so sorry about your loss...been out of contact with you and missed this. You're in my prayers.