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A Tough Subject

Suffering is not a subject that anyone wants to talk about, or read about, or especially go through, but yet it happens to us all. What do we do when the earth has been yanked out from underneath our feet? When we are going through a time of suffering and pain we wonder what happened to our "safe ship," it was anchored, safe at the dock; but it is now out in the ocean and being beaten by the wind and the rain, maybe even our "ship" is taking on water. I am speaking in a metaphoric way, but I believe that for those of us who have gone through times of suffering understand the feelings of being tossed around like a ship during a sea storm. I have had two books on my to be read list for while, one of the books I had very briefly read before, this time I read both books cover to cover. Both books are small, pocket size, but packed full of deep insight on the topics that scare most of us, suffering and grief. "Good Grief" by Granger E. Westberg The title is def…


Pray- an earnest request, entreaty, request, petition, invocation, act of devotion, supplication, litany, benediction. Webster's Dictionary.
Pray-speaking to or communicating with God. Revell Bible Dictionary
Lament-to mourn, to express deep sorrow, grief, horror, or contrition. Revell Bible Dictionary
Grief-Intense emotional suffering, often caused by some loss or disaster. Revell Bible Dictionary

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints." Ephesians 6: 18 NIV
Praying for others strengthens both the intercessor and the object of the prayers. Ask God to make you a more faithful intercessor." author unknown.
"There is a strength that comes through prayer, a confidence, a power, a quite, deep, unflinching faith to meet the trying hour. There is a peace that comes through prayer, a calm serenity to face whatever life may hold with grace and dignity. There i…

Latin/Greek Lesson

The five solas are the 5 Latin phrases that emerged during the Protestant reformation and summarizes the reformers basic fundamental beliefs in opposition to the teaching of the Roman Catholic church of the day. Sola means alone or only.
Solus Christus: by Christ Alone
Sola scriptura: by Scripture Alone
Sola fide: by faith alone
Sola gratia: by grace Alone
Ali Deo Gloria: Glory to God alone

Coram Deo-Before, or in the presence of God, or the face of God, this summarizes the idea of Christians living in the presence of, and under the authority of, and to the honor, and glory of God.

Greek words for the word blessed. Makarios-receiving God's favor
Eulogeo-to praise, give thanks to, speak well of, extol, to be blessed.
Eulogetos-worthy of being praised, blessed of, commended.
Makarizo-to call blessed, to consider blessed.