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Pit Dweller

"Get Out of That Pit" by Beth Moore
Beth Moore wrote this book recently to an audience that is either in a pit, or a former pit dweller. Beth defines a pit as any place you are are trapped; and the ways to identify when you are in one, is when you feel stuck, you cannot stand up, or you've lost vision. She writes that there are 3 ways to fall in a pit: when you're thrown in, when you slip in, and when you jump in. A pit can be an addiction, an abusive relationship, past abuse to us, a fear. There are three ways to get out of a pit and that is to cry out to God, and many people can never get past this point because of pride, also to confess, and to consent. Beth Moore has a writing style that not only gets your attention, but she easily explains things to a non-academic reading audience. This book was a fast read for me, it seemed rather bland though after having just read "Those Who Saved Us" by Jenna Blum.