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Quiet, stillness, and solitude for some people is frightening, maybe they are afraid to be alone, maybe they are afraid to be alone in their own thoughts, maybe their imaginations run rampant. For me quiet, stillness, and solitude is like soothing medicine, I have to have it, no television, no radio, no sounds if that is possible, only the sound of my breathing, or the hum of the air conditioner, or computer. I know some people that have to have the television on all day, for the sake of noise, maybe so they will feel as though someone else is with them. If I can have a day that is quiet, reflective, I am re-charged and ready to face life's obstacles and stresses. Maybe some would think I am reclusive, I love people, love to laugh and loudly, but I also love to be in my own thoughts and am quite contented to be by myself.

"solitude is a party I invite myself to."
author unknown to me