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I am adding a new addition to this blog, this addition will be memoirs from the life of my dad. I have entitled it Sonny, because that is his childhood nickname, a reluctant nickname (aren't most nicknames disliked). My dad told me his mother had wanted a son, and to name him Sonny, it was an endearing name for her, but a thorn for my dad for most of his life, now I'm sure he misses his mother calling him that.
Today a country music legend died, Eddy Arnold; he is the singer for the well known song, "Make the World Go Away." In the Spring of 1943 my dad was sitting on his duffle bag at Union Station in St. Louis, MO., he had just been home on furlough to Houston, and he was on his way back to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, where soon afterwards he would be transfered to Armagh, Northern Ireland. Sitting across from dad at the train station was a young man about my dads age, they noticed each other, even though there were many other service members and people around, this young man came over to my dad and introduced himself, "Arnold's my name, Eddy Arnold." They both walked the 4 blocks or so to a nearby USO club where Eddy asked to borrow a guitar, dad said Eddy immediately started picking and tuning the guitar and then played a song. I'm sorry to say dad does not remember the song, but what he remembers most is what a pleasant, friendly, and talented musician and singer he was. I have many wonderful memories of listening to Eddy Arnold records on a large 1950's mahogany magnavox stereo, sometimes daddy would sing to mother, and she would smile, and dance around the living room floor. My favorite song that daddy would sing to mother was "He'll Have to Go," this was a song sung by Jim Reeves.
"Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone,
let's pretend that we're together all alone,
I'll tell the man to turn the jukebox way down low,
And you can tell your friend there with you he'll have to go."