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Above Reproach

"Jesus-An Intimate Portrait of the Man, His Land, and His People" by Leith Anderson.
The book is a biography of Jesus; the author uses all 4 of the gospels in writing this book, he gives explanatory notes on the sides of the pages, it is written in sequential order of the events of Jesus' life. The book also has study questions in the back of the book. I enjoyed the smoothness of the writing, the details, it is very easy to picture the story in your mind.
"Jesus wanted a church that had Christians that were unlike the rest of society, not perfect. When they sinned they would take a different way of dealing with sins and conflicts."
How does society see Christians? Often we are looked at as judgmental, critical, self-righteous, too politically involved, prudish, condescending, boring, have I left out any other descriptions?
Tis true sometimes we are all of the above, but these are characteristics that can be described for people from all walks of life. Jesus though commands us as Christians to be different, to follow a higher path, to "love your neighbor as yourself," Matthew 19:19. In Matthew 5:43 we are told to "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." Where am I going with all of this? My point is as Christians re-evaluate how we spend our time, not in debating our beliefs, nor in trying to cram down the throats our beliefs to others, but in acting out our beliefs, to live above reproach, and to take this very seriously. We are commanded in Matthew 28: 19-20 to carry out the great commission, but we can also disciple and teach through our life by our actions, we are living witnesses, and we will be held accountable.