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An Inspiration

When I was a young teenage girl I read the book "Joni, an Unforgettable Story" it is a book written about the life of the author Joni EarecksonTada. Joni was left a quadriplegic from a diving accident when she was 18. The book deals with the accident, and her battle to adjust to this new life, it also tells her story of how God worked in and through her life. The book "The God I Love" also by Joni EarecksonTada, I just finished reading. This book gives more details of the memories of her childhood and throughout her adult life. Her memories of childhood events causes the reader to remember their own childhood memories, reflecting not only on the memories themselves, but also on how God has been there all along in our lives from the very beginning, our constant companion, our peacemaker during the storm, our perfect friend. I watched a documentary on a man that had cared full-time for his wife that had Alzheimer's for over 20 years. He said something that foreve…


How do you pray? Do you pray using specific words and quickly getting to the point? Do you pray long solemn requests, or short prayers not wanting to bother God with the "small things" in your life? Do you pray when you are driving? or walking? of before you eat? or before you go to sleep at night, as if it's an afterthought to your day? When I was a little girl about age 9 my dad called on me to say the evening meal prayer, I quickly said, "God is good, God is great, let us thank Him for our food, Amen." After I had finished, my dad then looked at me, and very seriously, but not with any censure said, "don't you believe it is time you learned to pray from your heart?" My dad was telling me it was time for me to grow up in prayer. Their are those in the Christian community that have said that it is ridiculous to bother God with every concern, only pray to God about the "important things." To me that is a ridiculous idea, I take every co…