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An Inspiration

When I was a young teenage girl I read the book "Joni, an Unforgettable Story" it is a book written about the life of the author Joni Eareckson Tada. Joni was left a quadriplegic from a diving accident when she was 18. The book deals with the accident, and her battle to adjust to this new life, it also tells her story of how God worked in and through her life. The book "The God I Love" also by Joni Eareckson Tada, I just finished reading. This book gives more details of the memories of her childhood and throughout her adult life. Her memories of childhood events causes the reader to remember their own childhood memories, reflecting not only on the memories themselves, but also on how God has been there all along in our lives from the very beginning, our constant companion, our peacemaker during the storm, our perfect friend.
I watched a documentary on a man that had cared full-time for his wife that had Alzheimer's for over 20 years. He said something that forever impacted me, "If your focus is on having happiness in this life, you are going to be sadly disappointed." Being happy seems to be the focus of most humans, they believe it is their life aim and motive. What happens when those un-planned events that we have no control over happens? For instance you go for a routine physical and the doctor tells you that you have cancer. Cancer is an ugly bad word, a word that immediately conjures images of, well, death. Death is certain and will happen to all of us, how we die and how long it takes us to die is not our choice. What is our choice is how we will spend eternity, and eternity is infinite, forever. We also have a choice about how our attitude is going to be when life flings us into turbulence, we can choose like Joni to be a blessing and an inspiration to others.