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Summer Study

This summer I have been reading Max Lucado's study book on 1, 2, 3, John and Jude. This was an excellent followup to my Bible Study Fellowship study on the gospel of Matthew in 07-08. Max Lucado bible book studies are entitled "Life Lessons." There is a study book on each of the books in the New Testament. In the study that I worked on it is broken down into 12 lessons, plus the introduction. Max writes that, "the apostle John and Jude focused on two simple words to define our life and permeate our actions: love and truth." Max asks a question in chapter 10, "why is there only a tiny percentage of people that actually read the entire Bible?" Hmm, that was a topic I discussed in my earlier post. I guess there could be several answers to this question, the bottom line is, in all honesty we do what we prioritize.

Wisdom and Knowledge

One of the problems that many people have with Sunday School is that they still have visions of what Sunday School was like from their childhood. Many people assume that Sunday School is for children only, and is not needed for them, since they are now an adult. Most churches have changed the name from Sunday School to Bible study fellowship, this new name gives a better description. In my class, which is a class of women of all ages, and all racial backgrounds; we recently finished a study on Proverbs, using the Kay Arthur "New Inductive Study Series, God's Answers for Today's Problems." I had never read any of her teaching books, nor have I read any of her books period; I was very pleased and enjoyed the in-depth study of Proverbs. Many in my class did not like marking in their Bibles with colored pencils, instead opting to print out pages from the Internet of the chapters in Proverbs and then marking those pages. There was required homework to keep up with, but th…


I only intended to be gone for one week, but my dad had a health problem and I stayed with him until he was well. Dad had an infection from old scar tissue in the upper abdominal area, his diabetes contributed to this. I took dad to the treatment room clinic of general surgery at a nearby hospital where they made a small incision and cleaned out the infection, allowing the site to close from the inside out. I helped dad to change the dressing and he was on an antibiotic. He is doing well now. While I was with dad he had other doctor appointments as well; I was very busy!
I have five books that I finished reading while I was at my dad's, all of these books are Christian non-fiction and I will be posting them on this blog. I am reading three other books that are a mix of classic literature and Christian fiction, they are: "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens, "Jude the Obscure" by Thomas Hardy, and "Cure" by Athol Dickson. I had intended to read two Shakespe…

Dog Days of Summer

I have no books to post on, I have read some, mainly I have been cross-stitching and doing other kinds of embroidery work. The heat has been horrific, we've had many, many days of over 100 degree temperatures, last Sunday it was 107. Today we are only supposed to reach a high of 98, rain may be coming due to Tropical Storm Edouard tonight. I will be spending next week with my dad, he has several doctor appointments that I want to take him to, and I am sure his house needs a thorough cleaning. I have several books that I am reading, but as I have just expressed I have not been reading as heavily as usual. I am always impressed that many of my fellow bloggers have a blog post to post nearly everyday, I do not have that ability, I have a home to care for, laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, supper to cook. My sister is having a heart cath, also called an angiogram this morning. I have not as of yet heard an update. You will hear from me again after the 17Th of August.