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Dog Days of Summer

I have no books to post on, I have read some, mainly I have been cross-stitching and doing other kinds of embroidery work. The heat has been horrific, we've had many, many days of over 100 degree temperatures, last Sunday it was 107. Today we are only supposed to reach a high of 98, rain may be coming due to Tropical Storm Edouard tonight. I will be spending next week with my dad, he has several doctor appointments that I want to take him to, and I am sure his house needs a thorough cleaning. I have several books that I am reading, but as I have just expressed I have not been reading as heavily as usual. I am always impressed that many of my fellow bloggers have a blog post to post nearly everyday, I do not have that ability, I have a home to care for, laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, supper to cook. My sister is having a heart cath, also called an angiogram this morning. I have not as of yet heard an update. You will hear from me again after the 17Th of August.