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I only intended to be gone for one week, but my dad had a health problem and I stayed with him until he was well. Dad had an infection from old scar tissue in the upper abdominal area, his diabetes contributed to this. I took dad to the treatment room clinic of general surgery at a nearby hospital where they made a small incision and cleaned out the infection, allowing the site to close from the inside out. I helped dad to change the dressing and he was on an antibiotic. He is doing well now. While I was with dad he had other doctor appointments as well; I was very busy!
I have five books that I finished reading while I was at my dad's, all of these books are Christian non-fiction and I will be posting them on this blog. I am reading three other books that are a mix of classic literature and Christian fiction, they are: "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens, "Jude the Obscure" by Thomas Hardy, and "Cure" by Athol Dickson. I had intended to read two Shakespeare books, but I am drowning in books and trying to get caught up. I have a habit of buying more books, or making a trip to the public library to check out books, when I already have a stack of books at home to read; I believe this is an impulsion that all bibliophiles have.
I remember as a child when my parents would take me and allow me to shop in a book store, my problem was that I could only pick just one book, always an impossible decision!


Garnetrose said…
I know what you mean. We are caregivers of my mil who is 83 and a precisous soul, indeed. She is getting frail too and we have to worry about her failing. She fell last week and sprained her ankle just getting out of the chair. She has to be off it for a month and I have been trying to fix meals while her son (my husband) spends most of the day with her, looking out for her.

It is very sad to see them like this.