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Summer Study

This summer I have been reading Max Lucado's study book on 1, 2, 3, John and Jude. This was an excellent followup to my Bible Study Fellowship study on the gospel of Matthew in 07-08. Max Lucado bible book studies are entitled "Life Lessons." There is a study book on each of the books in the New Testament. In the study that I worked on it is broken down into 12 lessons, plus the introduction. Max writes that, "the apostle John and Jude focused on two simple words to define our life and permeate our actions: love and truth." Max asks a question in chapter 10, "why is there only a tiny percentage of people that actually read the entire Bible?" Hmm, that was a topic I discussed in my earlier post. I guess there could be several answers to this question, the bottom line is, in all honesty we do what we prioritize.