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"Of all earthly music,
that which reaches farthest
into heaven is the beating
of a truly loving heart."
Henry Ward Beecher


I love Maine, it is my hope that someday I will be able to travel there. I love lighthouses, rocky coasts, the ocean; I love the thought of standing along the rocky coast line and gazing out at the ocean waves.
I think that my ancestors must have been fishermen, I seem to have good sea legs. In 1999 my parents and I, my sister Frances and her husband John, traveled to Europe, on one of our journeys we crossed the English Channel during a storm in late October. The waves were high, 10-15 feet, high enough that you could not walk very well, my sister was sea sick, I loved all of that rocking motion, it was a lullaby for me and I took a nap.
I was attracted to the book "The Cure" by Athol Dickson on the grounds that the story takes place in a town in Maine. Upon reading the first few pages while still in the bookstore, I was immediately drawn into the story. The story emanates with Riley Keep and his vagabond friend returning to Riley's "scene of his disgrace." Ril…

Really Hearing

"Knowing God" by J. I. Packer
The book "Knowing God" is considered to be one of the top classic Christian non-fiction books. It is a book that is incredibly deep.
I am sure that most of us do not consider ourselves to be pilgrim's, but we are. When we think of a pilgrim, we think of the early settlers in America, the one's with the funny hats. One of the definitions of a pilgrim is a person regarded as journeying through life, a traveler. All of us are on a journey in this earthly life, most of what happens to us is not under our control, we are just fooling ourselves to believe that we can determine our fate. One of the things that we can control is the knowledge and edification that we feed our brains. When we become a Christian we embark on another pilgrimage to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Many Christians do not grow, they remain a babe, they attend church and maybe even a Bible class, but yet they are only observers in this, they do not re…

Poems and Quotes on Suffering

"Great faith is exhibited not so much in doing as in suffering." Charles Parkhurst

"I walked a mile with Pleasure,
She chattered all the way;
But left me none the wiser
For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow,
And ne'er a word said she;
But oh, the things I learned from her
When sorrow walked with me." author unknown

"The adverse winds blew against my life;
My little ship with grief was tossed;
My plans were gone-heart full of strife,
And all my hope seemed to be lost-
Then He arose-one word of peace.
There was a calm-a sweet release.

A tempest great of doubt and fear
Possessed my mind; no light was there
To guide, or make my vision clear.
Dark night! 'twas more than I could bear-
Then He arose, I saw His face-
There was a calm filled with His grace.

My heart was sinking 'neath the wave
Of deepening test and raging grief;
All seemed as lost, and none could save,
And nothing could bring me relief-
Then He arose-and spoke one word,
There was a calm! It is The Lord…


"Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" by Jim Cymbala pastor of "Brooklyn Tabernacle"
This was the second time that I had read this book, the reason that I re-read the book a second time is that my church as a whole read this book during this past summer. As I have mentioned before our pastor loves to read and he encourages the church to read a certain book each season.
Jim Cymbala writes that, "God is attracted to weakness. He can't resist those who humbly and honestly admit how desperately they need Him. Our weakness, in fact makes room for His power."
Humans are not attracted to weakness: we want to look at beauty, strong athletic bodies, curvaceous women, a celebrity, a hero. When we see something weak, we want to turn our head and look away.
The hardest day of my life was December 14, 2005. It had only been about 6 weeks since I had had both of my breasts removed because of an early stage breast cancer, I was going through the reconstruction process, I was still r…


"Prayer is not a monologue, but a dialogue. Its most essential part is God's voice in response to mine." This quote is from the book that I recently finished reading, "With Christ in the School of Prayer" by Andrew Murray. The word monologue in the "Oxford Pocket American Dictionary," means a long speech by one person in a conversation. The word dialogue means a conversation. How often in our prayers is it a one sided monologue to God, we rattle off all of our list of concerns and prayer requests, and quickly close the prayer, and then go on to another "to do" on our list for the day. I have been sorely culpable of this. My prayer life has been a prayer life of apprenticeship, the tutelage from the combat zone of life. My prayer life is and will be an on going education, until I am at home in heaven. The book "With Christ in the School of Prayer" I read a chapter a day during my daily devotional time, the book has thirty one chap…