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I love Maine, it is my hope that someday I will be able to travel there. I love lighthouses, rocky coasts, the ocean; I love the thought of standing along the rocky coast line and gazing out at the ocean waves.
I think that my ancestors must have been fishermen, I seem to have good sea legs. In 1999 my parents and I, my sister Frances and her husband John, traveled to Europe, on one of our journeys we crossed the English Channel during a storm in late October. The waves were high, 10-15 feet, high enough that you could not walk very well, my sister was sea sick, I loved all of that rocking motion, it was a lullaby for me and I took a nap.
I was attracted to the book "The Cure" by Athol Dickson on the grounds that the story takes place in a town in Maine. Upon reading the first few pages while still in the bookstore, I was immediately drawn into the story. The story emanates with Riley Keep and his vagabond friend returning to Riley's "scene of his disgrace." Riley is on a mission to help his friend, they both have an enslavement to alcohol. The cast of characters in the book, and there are several, are chafed raw by life's blustery assault. Each character is embroiled in their own dire state, each contributing to the crowning point of the story. Riley Keep's original mission is not the only mission that he is confronted with dealing with.
This book to me would be considered edgy Christian fiction, it is not the typical confectionery Christian fiction book; the book is absorbing, engrossing, with people that have palpable life problems. Christian fiction has come such a long way in the past 10 years, the writers are confronting real life situations, the main aim is always on God, but the tales are tangible.

The author has also written: "River Rising," "The Gospel According to Moses," and "Winter Haven."
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I enjoyed your post very much. I would love to go to Maine also. My family have visited there. I'm not well enough to travel now. That's why I love to see pictures of new places. You blogs are always beautiful. Doylene
J. Kaye Oldner said…
I feel the same about Maine...hope to make it there as well!