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Big Life Changes

It is four o'clock in the morning and I can not sleep.
Dad was not expected to live last week, now we have made a complete turn around and he will be discharged tomorrow from the hospital, he will go to a nursing home for further therapy to be able to at least get back to where he was before his surgery, in the ability to care for his own self. Dad still has a sick heart, but the surgery to his abdomen has been a success. He is feeling insecure, of course he wants to come home, but he is very weak and cannot yet walk. He will be going to the same nursing home that mother was in, he feels very comfortable with the people that work there. He will be at the nursing home one to two weeks, unless it appears that he will need to stay longer.
Big life changes for my dad, he shared with me yesterday that he has not felt this way since he was a little boy, in that he has to depend on someone else to care for him. Dad has said he wants to be near me, I am thankful that he feels security and trust in me, but it is a huge responsibility, one that I cannot do on my own, praise God for the Holy Spirit. I read a quote today, "being filled with the Holy Spirit does not mean I have more of it, it means it has more of me." I want the Holy Spirit to have all of me, He is my sustainer.


cathy b. said…
I was touched when I read that your Dad could confide such feelings to you. My Dad used to share his feelings with me in a similar way ("Everyone I see is younger than me." ) and such sharing is very precious.
Lina said…
I know that God will bless these days with your Dad. My husband and I lost my parents and his parents in a span of eight years...two lost the battle with lung cancer, one died from bladder cancer and one from liver failure. We cared for them all and were with each when they went home to be with Jesus. You are right, God is your security.