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You Do Not Know What A Day May Bring Forth

I made a quick trip back to my home town last Monday night, my dad had been sick with what we thought was a stomach virus, early Tuesday morning I took him to the emergency room and he was diagnosed as having a twist, or a kink in his small intestine, and that it was large and pronounced. My dad had surgery in the mid afternoon on Tuesday, half of his colon and a part of his small intestine was removed, the surgeon was able to put the two together and an ostomy bag was not needed. My dad is in I.C.U. and will be until he is stable enough for a regular hospital room. Dad has a lot of pain, he is not oriented at times, he has a long road for recovery. I am here to stay for a while until he is well enough to live on his own again, if that is possible after this latest health crisis.
It feels very strange to be in his home without him, I walk to his bedroom and he is not there reading, I walk to the den and he is not in his favorite recliner watching the news, there is an emptiness, a void, the house echoes and I do not like it. Daddy told me not long ago that he now knew more people in heaven than he knew here on earth, that comment resonates in my mind.
Daddy has kept a daily journal of his life since 1971, they are all written in stenogragh log books, and in his hand writing. There have been times that I peeked and read some of his entries, several times he has left notes written to me...for me to read later. These notes to me are words of encouragement, hope, pride in me, and his love for me.
When daddy was in the emergency room I met a woman who was there with her elderly brother, they were in the room across from dad's room. Here were two men, my dad a D-day veteran, and the other elderly man was a veteran of Iwo Jima, both major battles of World War 2. Both of these men are now elderly, frail, each with there own health crisis, but fighting another battle, maybe the last battle of life.
I'll keep you posted.....


cathy b. said…
I dream about my own dad often. He was from the same "generation of character" as your dad. Once, when I was my son's age, my dad and I were people watching at a mall and dad said 'most of the people I see are younger than me'. I'm now surprised to find myself at that age and am approaching the more friends in heaven stage. I don't attach to friends as easily as I used to, so it's approaching more quickly. is my web page in honor of Dad and contains some things he wrote.