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After 9 o'clock at night dad goes to bed, then it is my time to relax, blog, read. I am able to do these things during the day, but I always keep my focus and ear attuned to him. I can relax though after he goes to bed, he is safely in his bed, sleeping. Even during the night if I am up I peek into his bedroom to see if he is alright, this reminds me of when my own children were small I would peek in on them to see if they were alright.
I had for several months read mainly Christian fiction and non-fiction, now I have gone back to reading secular biographies, historical fiction and fiction. I am posting these books on my other blog
I read a quote today in a magazine I subscribe to, the quote is by Tasha Tudor
"The gloom of the world is but a shadow. Behind it, yet within our reach, is joy. Take joy!"

I pray you too will take joy my friends!


Your words remind me of my Dad. I stayed and helped Mama for three months. It was a beautiful time for me. Mama slept in the room with him but would get upset and call me when his fever came up. All three of us reached for joy during those days. Some nights when Dad couldn't sleep I would sit behind him on the bed and hold him. They do become childlike. My holding him comforted him. When he had to have a hospital bed it was a lot harder to care for him. Sometimes he would look at Mama and me and say we looked like twins. He would never let Mama go without hair color. Now she has beautiful silver hair. He would cringe if he saw it. I look forward to seeing him in heaven. Doylene