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Christmas Future

I have recently posted on "Christmas Past", "Christmas Present", and "A Christmas Carol." I now will post a remark on "Christmas Future."
The answer is I don't know what the future holds, none of us do, but God does. No matter what is going on around us, no matter how bleak, or fearful, or without hope life feels; God is sovereign, He is intricately working in our lives, even when we cannot see Him working.
In the final hours before my mother died last March I read to her several verses of scripture, the last verse I read to her was from Revelations 1: 17-18
"When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as though dead. Then He placed His right hand on me and said: 'Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I AM alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.'"

I will be off reading, relaxing, enjoying time with family, plus my husband has 11 days off, whoopee! No, really I…

A Christmas Carol

"A Christmas Carol" Special Church Edition, by Charles Dickens, with notes by Stephen Skelton

Many movie and play adaptions have been made based on this classic Christmas tale. A movie, or a play, does not compare though with the actual reading of the story. Reading the words that Charles Dickens wrote in 1843 is a deliciously, enthralling, experience. The reader feels the damp and frosty cold weather, and the shivering and dark chamber of Scrooge's home. The reader nearly tastes, the lovingly and greatly anticipated Christmas feast at the Cratchit home. The reader tenderly loves Tiny Tim, and responds harshly to the selfish and mean Scrooge. On Christmas Day morning when Scrooge awakens as a radically, overjoyed, converted man, the reader is exhilarated. This is an endearing and enduring story!
A story has been passed down that when Charles Dickens died, a little girl was said to remark, "that since Charles Dickens had died, had Christmas also died." Charles Di…

Christmas Present

"Go, tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and everywhere Go, tell it on the mountain, That Jesus Christ is born." African-American spiritual written by John W. Work I have visited my blogger friends and most of us are posting Christmas carols that we love, Christmas movies that we love, Christmas books we've read, goodies we've baked and recipes to share. I have shared a few stories of "Christmas Past", now I would like to share a story of "Christmas Present." My oldest son had seen a homeless elderly man walking down the streets of our city many times, he found out that this man was living under a bridge near the house my son and his family live in. This oldest son of mine and his dad decided to put a little money together and buy this homeless man a small tent to keep the rain, wind and maybe cold air off of him. Last Sunday evening they went to the bridge that this man lives under, this man was keeping warm by covering up with a piece of plastic, …

Memoir of Amy Grant

"Mosaic Amy Grant Pieces of My Life So Far" by Amy Grant

Amy Grant gives the readers and her fans a peak inside of her life, giving tid-bits of information on her children, her sisters, parents, marriage and divorce from Gary Chapman, marriage to Vince Gill, and the many celebrities she has met and befriended. The book also gives information on her musical career, in between the chapters is the words to many of her songs.
The book is completely in her words, small chapters, a very easy read, the book could almost be compared to a concise scrapbook of her life thus far.

Christmas 1982

December 18, 1982 our wedding day. Just look at the picture, see the happy and extremely young couple, no cares, no fears, youth is on their side; if they only knew what the future held, would they have done "it" again. YES!
Just recently we celebrated 26 years, we are minus a few body parts, a few white hairs in my head, a lot of white hairs in my husbands, he still has freckles, my hair is a little shorter, I wear bifocals, both of us a few pounds more.
It is our "inner person" that has changed the most over the years. On our 25TH anniversary I pondered about how my thinking has changed over the years, in the beginning years I was focused on happiness, what will make me happy and what will make my husband happy. Often it seemed we worked against each other, we did not work together as a partnership, we treated the other as an enemy. We each were carrying our own burdens of childhood hurts and insecurities, which added to our ever growing list of resentment. We pers…

Christmas 1971

Christmas 1971, I was an angel in the Christmas play at school, I repeated my performance of looking angelic the following school year. I remember many, many practices during and after school for the Christmas play, the teachers that were involved in the production were not always in the Christmas spirit of love and joy. My mother sewed my costume, as well as some of the other costumes the children needed.

I have chosen to share a few of my good memories of Christmas past, I have left out any dark areas of childhood. I have many things to be thankful for in my childhood, never did I worry about not having enough food to eat, I was always taken to the doctor when I was sick, I had plenty of clothes to wear and most of them my mother sewed, an abundance of toys, a wonderful and nearly flawless mother, an attentive and doting family, parents that took me to Sunday school and church every Sunday, parents that prayed before every meal, a wonderful home in a good neighborhood, ballet and pia…

Christmas 1968

Christmas of 1968, I was 4 years old, the doll was given to me by my uncle Bill for Christmas. I loved that doll and was rarely separated from her for the next 5 years, until I loved her so much that she was coming apart. Mother (the lady in the picture with the great legs) took me to a "Woolworth" store to pick out another dolly, I chose a doll that looked just like my previous doll, but sadly I never grew to love her as much, maybe being older the magic of playing with dolls was beginning to subside, or maybe, I thought I would love her as much as her predecessor.

Christmas 1965

Christmas 1965, I am 22 months old. I do not remember this far back in my childhood, I do still have the little red jumper that is in mint condition hanging in my closet. The nearby chair is covered in a blue cloth now and is a very comfortable chair for reading.
I was the "ours" each of my parents had been married before and had children from those marriages, each of their spouses had died, then my parents married and they had me. My siblings are all 10-15 years older than me. My eldest sister JoAnn was 15 years older than me, she was like a 2ND mother, we shared a room together. My brothers as typical of boys, enjoyed teasing me, feeding me bugs, stealing my baby dolls, and doing other mischief that brothers do so well. My 2ND sister Frances was always rolling her eyeballs at me.
On Christmas Day morning we awoke to gifts spread out across the floor under and near the Christmas tree. My sister Frances would play a Christmas song or two on the piano, mother always seemed to b…
I just found out today that I am the "blog of the week" over at
Thank you so much to those that nominated me, and thank you to TitleTrakk!!!!!!!

My dad was interviewed for our local newspaper on his story of being captured by the Germans during the "Battle of the Bulge." His story appeared in the newspaper on December 18, 2008.
The newspaper did not use my written article on dad that I had posted on my blog, but sent out their own reporter of course to interview dad. Dad had been interviewed before on his D-day experiences, but this was a first on another memorable experience of his life from World War II.

A Memorable Day

December 16, 1944 was the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge.
Many times through my life my dad on a cold winter day would look outside the window of our home a say, "you just don't know how glad I am to be in a warm house, and that I don't have to sleep out on the ground." He is thinking of the memories of that event in his life, now 64 years ago today.
December 16 had been a normal day for my dad, he was on a wire crew, running telephone lines. Dad was in the 2ND Infantry Division, 2ND Signal Company, Army.
December 17 would reveal an entirely opposite kind of day. The Officer of the platoon asked dad, and 2 other soldiers, if they would after breakfast drive out in the jeep to find out what was wrong with telephone line number 109. My dad, Slim Wallin, and Jack Nyquist, went in the jeep to Bullingen Belgium, following the line until they came into the north part of town, driving very slowly because the roads were icy. At the last turn, just as they are coming into …

Christmas Challenge 2008

I have decided that for the month of December I will share good memories with my readers, maybe even a few childhood photo's of me from "Christmas past." I am blessed that I have only good memories of Christmas, in my childhood it was always a magical time for me, and even at my age now, to me there is still magic in the air. A great majority of people are suffering from the effects of our pitiful economy, if they are not suffering, then surely they know people who are. When we are depressed because the bills are piling up, and we are worried that there will be no money for Christmas presents, it is difficult to have Christmas cheer.
The challenge is that for the month of December, my fellow blogger's everywhere will create at least 1 post on their own blog with their favorite Christmas memory, or favorite story that a relative told them, or a favorite Christmas book, etc. The post can be comical, uplifting, or inspirational.
If someone out there can create for me a bu…
"God is in every tomorrow, therefore I live for today. Certain of finding at sunrise, guidance and strength for my way. Power for each moment of weakness, hope for each moment of pain, comfort for every sorrow, sunshine and joy after rain." Laura A. Barter Snow

This poem was a comfort to me during the time that my son was at war in Iraq. During those arduous two tours, it was only by God's sustaining grace that we persevered through those seasons; and it is only to Him, that all of the praise, and honor, and glory is given.
On November 17 I announced I was the "Box of Books Winner" from "Christian Fiction Blog Alliance." I received the books by mail today, I was so thrilled! I thought "books" meant maybe a couple of books I had won, I won 10 books!!!
They are: "Demon" by Tosca Lee, "The Jewel of Gresham Green" by Lawana Blackwell, "Dogwood" by Chris Fabry, "Dragonlight" by Donita K. Paul, "Auralia's Colors" by Jeffrey Overstreet, "When The Soul Mends" by Cindy Woodsmall, "Diamond Duo" by Marcia Gruver, "A Passion Redeemed" by Julie Lessman, "Wind River" by Tom Morrisey, and "In The Shadow of Lions" by Ginger Garrett.

A very big thank you to Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and to Bonnie Calhoun!!!!!

Tale Of A Wet Nurse

"The Lady of Milkweed Manor" by Julie Klassen

This novel was the first by new writer Julie Klassen; her second novel, "The Apothecary's Daughter" will be available this month.
"The Lady of Milkweed" gives the readers a glimpse of the prim and sometimes austere society of the 1800's.
The story is of a young woman named Charlotte Lamb, she is the daughter of a Vicar, her mother has died, she has a sister Beatrice. Charlotte's life has been pretty dresses, parties, dances, and her mother's garden. She had been very close to her mother and was devastated when her mother died. Charlotte in a moment of ungoverned passion goes to far, and a chain of events follows that changes her life forever.
I dislike giving to many details of a book away while giving a brief review, to me a review should not only be my own feelings about a book, but it should also be an entice for my readers to also read the book.
Charlotte's father Reverend Gareth Lamb is not…