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Christmas 1965

Christmas 1965, I am 22 months old. I do not remember this far back in my childhood, I do still have the little red jumper that is in mint condition hanging in my closet. The nearby chair is covered in a blue cloth now and is a very comfortable chair for reading.
I was the "ours" each of my parents had been married before and had children from those marriages, each of their spouses had died, then my parents married and they had me. My siblings are all 10-15 years older than me. My eldest sister JoAnn was 15 years older than me, she was like a 2ND mother, we shared a room together. My brothers as typical of boys, enjoyed teasing me, feeding me bugs, stealing my baby dolls, and doing other mischief that brothers do so well. My 2ND sister Frances was always rolling her eyeballs at me.
On Christmas Day morning we awoke to gifts spread out across the floor under and near the Christmas tree. My sister Frances would play a Christmas song or two on the piano, mother always seemed to be in the kitchen, daddy and my brothers were watching a football game, and my job was to stay out from in front of the television. Many of our extended family would come to visit. Perry Como and Bing Crosby would often be played on the mahogany magnovox stereo.