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Christmas 1971

Christmas 1971, I was an angel in the Christmas play at school, I repeated my performance of looking angelic the following school year. I remember many, many practices during and after school for the Christmas play, the teachers that were involved in the production were not always in the Christmas spirit of love and joy. My mother sewed my costume, as well as some of the other costumes the children needed.

I have chosen to share a few of my good memories of Christmas past, I have left out any dark areas of childhood. I have many things to be thankful for in my childhood, never did I worry about not having enough food to eat, I was always taken to the doctor when I was sick, I had plenty of clothes to wear and most of them my mother sewed, an abundance of toys, a wonderful and nearly flawless mother, an attentive and doting family, parents that took me to Sunday school and church every Sunday, parents that prayed before every meal, a wonderful home in a good neighborhood, ballet and piano lessons, and many neighbors and church members that I knew loved me.

The next and last memory I will share is my favorite!