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Christmas 1982

December 18, 1982 our wedding day. Just look at the picture, see the happy and extremely young couple, no cares, no fears, youth is on their side; if they only knew what the future held, would they have done "it" again. YES!
Just recently we celebrated 26 years, we are minus a few body parts, a few white hairs in my head, a lot of white hairs in my husbands, he still has freckles, my hair is a little shorter, I wear bifocals, both of us a few pounds more.
It is our "inner person" that has changed the most over the years. On our 25TH anniversary I pondered about how my thinking has changed over the years, in the beginning years I was focused on happiness, what will make me happy and what will make my husband happy. Often it seemed we worked against each other, we did not work together as a partnership, we treated the other as an enemy. We each were carrying our own burdens of childhood hurts and insecurities, which added to our ever growing list of resentment. We persevered, got counseling, prayed a lot; and most importantly we let go of the little hurting child that was still in us, and we allowed the Lord to get to work on us. The work would not be easy, once again life experiences like a child going off to war, elderly parents to care for, surgeries, grandchildren, cancer, the death of a parent, and all in rapid succession over the past 6 years. We have walked away from all of this with a profound sense of gratefulness for each other, a greater depth of love and a stronger bond. When I look at my husband my heart still flutters, he still excites me, he still makes me laugh at his silly jokes. We work in perfect synchronization like a well run clock.
Their was not a person in either of our families that thought our marriage would make it on the day we married, we had everything going against us; God thought differently.

About a week after my double mastectomy I was sitting on the edge of the bath tub trying to bathe my body without getting my upper body wet, it was tedious, time consuming, tiring. My husband walked in and looked at me, and with such tenderness, and with a few tears in his eyes, he said, "I wish I could take your place." I know he meant it. During that period of time he was perfect, he was gentle, quite, never hovered, he asked me what I needed him to do and then he did it, his light shined brilliantly. This is love, not a sugar coated love story, not an elaborate wedding, not an expensive ring, not enchantment with a centerfold body; but real in the trenches, travailing, persevering, patient, enduring, love.



Thank you for your visit to my blog. I am honored that you would want to follow it, how precious of you!

You and your husband look so adorable in your Christmas time wedding picture. It reminds me of my own early days of marriage and all the wonderful excitement of being newlyweds.

Of all the things I have second-guessed about my life, marring my darling husband was not one of them. That was the best decision I ever made (second, of course, to following God), and it did not take any convincing on my part…if there was ever love at first sight, we had it. I love him more every day, and was thinking about that just this morning, remembering our early married life. Can you believe as happy as I was then that it could be possible to be even happier now? From what I have read on you blog, I am sure you can relate and feel the same way.

I am posting a photo of my first Christmas (1964) for you to see on my blog. We are about the same age. You are like my older sister…just a little bit older.

I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Love, Hope

P.S. I hope I chose the correct blog to post on; I see you have two. Please let me know if you prefer me to post on the other blog, instead. I have two blogs, but one is really just for family, and my MOTHERHOOD blog, which you are following now, is the one I like to use to communicate with all my family in Christ.

More love, Hope :)
Lina said…
What a beautiful story you share about love--married love is supposed to be an earthly model of Christ's love for us and your love story certainly has Christ's fingerprints all over it! God bless you and your family this Christmas season!
J. Kaye Oldner said…
26 years? Amazing! That is absolutely wonderful. :)
A Gracious Home said…
I enjoyed the pictures so much. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Merry Christmas, Doylene