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A Christmas Carol

"A Christmas Carol" Special Church Edition, by Charles Dickens, with notes by Stephen Skelton

Many movie and play adaptions have been made based on this classic Christmas tale. A movie, or a play, does not compare though with the actual reading of the story. Reading the words that Charles Dickens wrote in 1843 is a deliciously, enthralling, experience. The reader feels the damp and frosty cold weather, and the shivering and dark chamber of Scrooge's home. The reader nearly tastes, the lovingly and greatly anticipated Christmas feast at the Cratchit home. The reader tenderly loves Tiny Tim, and responds harshly to the selfish and mean Scrooge. On Christmas Day morning when Scrooge awakens as a radically, overjoyed, converted man, the reader is exhilarated. This is an endearing and enduring story!
A story has been passed down that when Charles Dickens died, a little girl was said to remark, "that since Charles Dickens had died, had Christmas also died." Charles Dickens had become intertwined with the celebrating of Christmas.
Charles Dickens had striven in writing this story that the Christian faith and message be told in this story, he used symbolism is speaking his message.