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Christmas Challenge 2008

I have decided that for the month of December I will share good memories with my readers, maybe even a few childhood photo's of me from "Christmas past." I am blessed that I have only good memories of Christmas, in my childhood it was always a magical time for me, and even at my age now, to me there is still magic in the air. A great majority of people are suffering from the effects of our pitiful economy, if they are not suffering, then surely they know people who are. When we are depressed because the bills are piling up, and we are worried that there will be no money for Christmas presents, it is difficult to have Christmas cheer.
The challenge is that for the month of December, my fellow blogger's everywhere will create at least 1 post on their own blog with their favorite Christmas memory, or favorite story that a relative told them, or a favorite Christmas book, etc. The post can be comical, uplifting, or inspirational.
If someone out there can create for me a button, or show me how, I would be grateful.

Blissful reading!


J. Kaye Oldner said…
How neat! I look forward to it. :)
Lina said…
I love the new picture of trees on your Blog page!
A Gracious Home said…
Some of the ladies use Mr Linky for the buttons. You can google it or get it off someone's blog. I have one but I haven't taken the time to learn to use it. Doylene