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Christmas Present

"Go, tell it on the mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere
Go, tell it on the mountain,
That Jesus Christ is born."
African-American spiritual written by John W. Work
I have visited my blogger friends and most of us are posting Christmas carols that we love, Christmas movies that we love, Christmas books we've read, goodies we've baked and recipes to share.
I have shared a few stories of "Christmas Past", now I would like to share a story of "Christmas Present."
My oldest son had seen a homeless elderly man walking down the streets of our city many times, he found out that this man was living under a bridge near the house my son and his family live in. This oldest son of mine and his dad decided to put a little money together and buy this homeless man a small tent to keep the rain, wind and maybe cold air off of him. Last Sunday evening they went to the bridge that this man lives under, this man was keeping warm by covering up with a piece of plastic, he had empty water bottles, and a few other belongings around him. I am sure this man had thought either these men were going to hurt him, or maybe he was confused as to what my husband and son were up to. He gladly received the tent and introduced himself as Roger. My husband has since decided that he has an army blanket and socks that this man can use, and will pay Roger another visit. My daughter in-law went with my son and husband to visit this man and take their gift, she was beside herself with tears that would not stop, later she said, "we are worrying about buying another television that we really don't need, and this man has no blanket, no bed, he has nothing."
Perspective-meaning-a mental view of the relative importance of things.
Food, housing, clothing, blanket, is important. A new television is not.
Yes, our city does have 1 homeless shelter and it is well known, I know they only allow people to stay there for so long.
How often we drive by people that are holding up a sign that says, "will work for food" or some other slogan, maybe we give change out of our pocket, or a bottle of water. My husband and son went out at dark, went under a bridge, to give a man that they don't really know, a tent.
We don't know this man Roger's story of his life, or why he came to live under a bridge, but God knows, and He cares, it is up to us who are His children to be an instrument of blessing.


Becky said…
I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blogs! Everytime I see you've left a comment I get a big smile! Merry Christmas :)
Lanny said…
Thank you for the lovely story and thank you and your family for what you did and will do for that man.

Just now as I was getting ready to comment on your post my youngest daughter leaned over my shoulder and spied your wedding picture. She rattled off a zillion questions in two seconds, her specialty. You may have picked up another reader, she loves people, especially married people who share their stories.

Have a sensational Christmas!