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Tale Of A Wet Nurse

"The Lady of Milkweed Manor" by Julie Klassen

This novel was the first by new writer Julie Klassen; her second novel, "The Apothecary's Daughter" will be available this month.
"The Lady of Milkweed" gives the readers a glimpse of the prim and sometimes austere society of the 1800's.
The story is of a young woman named Charlotte Lamb, she is the daughter of a Vicar, her mother has died, she has a sister Beatrice. Charlotte's life has been pretty dresses, parties, dances, and her mother's garden. She had been very close to her mother and was devastated when her mother died. Charlotte in a moment of ungoverned passion goes to far, and a chain of events follows that changes her life forever.
I dislike giving to many details of a book away while giving a brief review, to me a review should not only be my own feelings about a book, but it should also be an entice for my readers to also read the book.
Charlotte's father Reverend Gareth Lamb is not under the guidance of the Lord that he proclaims to worship, instead he is under the guidance of his own fears of what society will think, and he is entombed in his own unforgiveness.
Charlotte's sister Beatrice is only thinking of what "all of this" will mean for her, her ability to marry a man in good standing.
Doctor Daniel Taylor, a man dedicated and tender hearted in his profession, yet he is veiled by the clamor of mental illness.
Katherine Harris, a woman that is unawares of many things.
Charles Harris, a crass salve for the women in his life.
Lizette Taylor, a woman that is on a woebegone path.
This novel touches on several raw issues that face humans. The author Julie Klassen wrote a great first novel, I am looking forward to her second, and third, and fourth, and..........................


A Gracious Home said…
My daughter and granddaughter are both breastfeeding their babies. In our family everyone has done this. Thanksgiving we were discussing the subject of wet nurses. I think I would love this book Doylene