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Question Of The Week #4

Question Of The Week #4
From "Operation Read Bible"
Do you prefer reading a Bible in paperback? Do you have a favorite translation of the Bible? Why? What is it that you love? Do you prefer reading text only Bibles? Or do you prefer reading study Bibles? Do you have a favorite study Bible?
I do not have a preference about whether my Bible is in paperback or hardback, leather, etc. I have several Bibles. I just counted 34 Bible's in my house, all of them owned by me, my husband, my Dad, some of them were my Mother's, my Grandmother's. I have 2 that sit beside me in my reading spot, a leather easy to bend, red, NIV, it is not a study Bible, it is really lovely and yet an inexpensive Bible. I also have a hardback ESV Study Bible, it is new, bought as soon as it was available last October, it is my favorite study Bible. I use the ESV Study Bible the most, taking it with me to church and Bible studies, also using it in my daily Bible reading. I have a NASB Study Bible, …

Five Things I am Addicted To

From Becky at "Operation Read Bible", she passed on to me to post 5 things I am addicted to.
1. Reading: whether it is reading books, magazines, or newspapers.
2. Clean teeth: I brush, floss and gargle meticulously.
3. Chocolate.
4. Anything with a French, Paris, or Eiffel Tower picture.
5. Coffee/Tea

Reasons To Read Your Bible

To be rid of anxiety and have peace~~ Psalm 119: 165
To set things right when life feels out of control~~ Psalm 19: 7-8
To have direction and guidance~~ Psalm 119: 105
To experience healing and deliverance~~ Psalm 107: 20
To grow in the Lord~~ 1 Peter 2:2
To have strength, comfort, and hope~~ Psalm 119: 28, 50, 114
To shape yourself and your life correctly~~ Psalm 119: 11
To be able to see clearly~~ Psalm 119: 130
To know what's really in your heart~~ Hebrews 4: 12
To build faith~~ Romans 10: 17
To have joy~~ Psalm 19: 8
To understand God's power~~ John 1: 1
To have more life in this life~~ Psalm 119:50
To distinguish good from evil~~ Psalm 119: 101-102
To understand God's love for you~~ John 1: 14

Wednesday's Challenge

The image above is the first page of the Gospel of Mark, in the "Book of Durrow." The "Book of Durrow" is a 7TH Century illuminated manuscript, written in about 650 A.D. in either Durrow Abbey in Ireland, or Northumbria, England. This manuscript has all 4 of the Gospel's, each of the Gospel's begin with an evangelist symbol: a man for Matthew, an eagle for Mark, a calf for Luke, and a lion for John. The manuscript is written in the insular script. The Gospel of Mark was written from Rome, in the mid to late 50's A.D., or some believe as late as 63 or 64 A.D, the purpose was to provide a written account of the life of Jesus. Most scholar's believe that Mark's Gospel was written first. Mark is considered the writer, also called John Mark, he was the cousin of Barnabas the Apostle. Mark worked with Barnabas and Paul in their missionary trips. It is strongly believed that Mark had the help of Peter in writing this Gospel. Mark was a companion of Pet…

On Hold

I have had to put my weight lifting on hold for hopefully only a few weeks. I have been diagnosed with disc degeneration with bone spurs in my neck, and upper back, it appears I've had this problem for many years and did not know it. I am seeing a chiropractor, and under restriction about no heavy lifting, no heavy house cleaning, etc. I can walk, stand, sit, and light house keeping. Heavy sigh!
I am an independent kind of gal, when I want to do something I usually do it, but I am having to be more judicious in what I do until my back is better. I believe I can learn a lesson in this, God has showed me once again he is in charge, and that I am not. He is also telling me to cool it, take it easy, it is unnecessary to push myself so all of the time.
"And He said to his disciples, Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. Consider the ravens: t…

Are You Training?

"So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal. " 2 Corinthians 4: 16-18 ESV Do you trust God more than your feelings? Are you still pondering that question? It is so easy for us to be swallowed up in a fear that seems to be as big as Jonah's whale. How do we stay on task, meaning how do we focus on the author and perfecter of our faith? By focusing on Jesus in the everyday day to day life that we live, don't wait to focus on Him just when life gets tough! Soldiers are not just all of a sudden ready for the battlefield, they train, and they train, and they train, then when it is time for combat, they are ready. Are you training? "Your Word…

Question of the Week #3

Question of the Week #3
Which Bible character do I identify with the most? Is there one that you can really relate to and understand? What is it about the story or character that gets to you?
At this time in my life I most identify with Deborah, she was a prophetess and judge, her story is in the book of Judges 4: 1-5: 31. I identify with her in that she had to make imperative decisions about peoples lives, she made those decisions with the wisdom and knowledge, and guidance, of the Holy Spirit. I too must make imperative decisions about my dad, there are decisions about his health, his prescriptions, bill paying, things to fix in the house, and all of the day to day decisions that must be made. My husband works in another city, this means I must make the day to day decisions about our personal and financial lives as well. I have had to make quick decisions about my dad's health care when he was in the hospital, the decisions had to be made without allowing my emotions to carry me a…

Wednesday's Challenge

I had a health scare earlier this week, 1 of my lab results came back red flagged, actually the result was very high. My doctor ordered more blood work, and I waited, albeit not too patiently for the results, he called me this morning to tell me I am healthy, everything is fine. Whew!
It is easy for me to panic, because I've had cancer. I don't want it again. I reminded myself over and over again, God is bigger than any fear that I have, bigger than even cancer. It is so easy to focus and zero in on our fears, and take our eyes off of Jesus.
I had a dog named Maggie, she was an English Pointer, when she would see a bird, or squirrel, or any other small animal that came into her domain of our backyard, she would freeze, lift her left front leg, and point that nose, and stare intently at her target. Maggie would not blink, she would not make a noise, her body in skilled rigidness, all her senses were on that little creature. I am reminded often of her stance, when I take my eyes, …

Wednesday's Challenge

This has been a difficult week to stay on task, to read, to blog, to get anything done except just the barest of necessities. We have been having our house leveled, this required 6 holes created by a jackhammer in our humble abode. I have listened to all of the jackhammer noise I care to for the rest of my life. It was necessary for us to move furniture and carpeting out of the way of where the holes would be, I also had to pack up many of my breakable tchotchke's. The dust is still settling, but I've begun to dust anyway and move things back in place. My dad is able to sleep in his own bed tonight, this undertaking has been hard on him. I am very thankful that this mission is accomplished.
I have kept up with my daily Bible readings, I am reading through the book of Matthew and have finished chapters 16 and 17 today.
I have another challenge underway in 2009, no I am not referring to the several book challenges that I am in. I have started weight training again, many years ago…

Do You Have A Daily Devotional Time?

Do you have a daily devotional time?
I started having a daily devotional time in December of 1993, I was 29 then.
I meet with the Lord every morning, sitting in my spot on the couch, near the window, amongst all my nest of books, and pens and pencils, and bookmarks, I have a fresh cup of coffee; and even though I am barely awake I start reading from His Word, and from a few precious devotional books that I have picked out for this year. One of the devotional books that is my favorite, and I have read through nearly every year since 1993 is "Streams in the Desert." I have read that book so many times, and yet its message is always so fresh, and new, and just what I needed to hear that day.
This year the books that I have picked out and am presently reading are, "A Journey Into Prayer" by Evelyn Christenson, and "Daily Light" by Bagster and Lotz. I also read 2 devotional magazines "Our Daily Bread" by the RBC Ministries, and "…

Wednesday's Challenge

I have been sick for nearly 2 weeks with a cold/sinus infection, I'm on a antibiotic and doing much better, my fuzzy brain is much clearer.

I am taking part in the this year. Thank you to fellow blogger Becky for putting this all together. The goal in this challenge is to read the Bible, maybe reading from Genesis to Revelation, or read the Psalms, Proverbs, and then the New Testament, or start anywhere you wish, with whatever Bible translation that you prefer. I was not really sure how to post on my progress, but after consideration, I have chosen Wednesday's to post my progress. I am reading from the English Standard Version Study Bible. I have chosen to read the New Testament first, today I read Matthew chapter 9. According to the schedule of readings I will be finished on July 1, then I will start reading in the Old Testament.
"When He saw the crowds, He had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep …