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Question of the Week #3

Question of the Week #3
Which Bible character do I identify with the most? Is there one that you can really relate to and understand? What is it about the story or character that gets to you?
At this time in my life I most identify with Deborah, she was a prophetess and judge, her story is in the book of Judges 4: 1-5: 31. I identify with her in that she had to make imperative decisions about peoples lives, she made those decisions with the wisdom and knowledge, and guidance, of the Holy Spirit. I too must make imperative decisions about my dad, there are decisions about his health, his prescriptions, bill paying, things to fix in the house, and all of the day to day decisions that must be made. My husband works in another city, this means I must make the day to day decisions about our personal and financial lives as well. I have had to make quick decisions about my dad's health care when he was in the hospital, the decisions had to be made without allowing my emotions to carry me away. I must be tactful, patient, a good listener, notice any grimace that might be on dad's face (he might be in pain.) Sometimes it is necessary for me to use my charm, and certainly always to think before I speak. Deborah's office was held under a date palm, it was her designated place to judge from. I do not have an "official office" either, my designated place in my spot on the couch in our living room, near my Bible and other devotional material, near my prayer journal.
Such great questions, thank you to Becky!


A Gracious Home said…
Missdaisy, this is a wonderful post. I know my biggest problem when it comes time to care for her will be her stubbornness. I don't think she will ever listen to me. It is a hard time you are going through now but when you look back on it you will cherish the time you had with your Dad. I know I cherish the time I had with mine. I am definitely a Lois.Even though the Bible doesn't speak of her often her influence on her children and grandchildren has always been seen. Doylene