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Question Of The Week #4

Question Of The Week #4
From "Operation Read Bible"
Do you prefer reading a Bible in paperback? Do you have a favorite translation of the Bible? Why? What is it that you love? Do you prefer reading text only Bibles? Or do you prefer reading study Bibles? Do you have a favorite study Bible?
I do not have a preference about whether my Bible is in paperback or hardback, leather, etc. I have several Bibles. I just counted 34 Bible's in my house, all of them owned by me, my husband, my Dad, some of them were my Mother's, my Grandmother's. I have 2 that sit beside me in my reading spot, a leather easy to bend, red, NIV, it is not a study Bible, it is really lovely and yet an inexpensive Bible. I also have a hardback ESV Study Bible, it is new, bought as soon as it was available last October, it is my favorite study Bible. I use the ESV Study Bible the most, taking it with me to church and Bible studies, also using it in my daily Bible reading. I have a NASB Study Bible, hardback, my dad is using it now. I have an NIV Study Bible, burgundy leather, that I used for 9 years until it was falling apart, the pages were coming out, the binding was coming undone. My favorite translations are ESV and NASB, they are my favorite because I prefer word for word translation. I also enjoy the NIV and NKJV, they are smooth and easy to read.


I prefer the New King James Version, and sometimes check up on certain verses in the King James Version.

I prefer these because they seem to be literal translations, and I want to get as close to what God is saying, unfiltered or interpreted by the opinions of men, as possible. As I point out in my blog, it is important that I read the Bible with an attitude of being willing to believe what God says because God helps those who are willing to believe Him to understand the Bible correctly, one point at a time.
Lina said…
Hi Miss Daisy Anne! I'm glad you found my new blog and thank you for the comments.

I too have a house full of Bibles including one that was my mom's in Icelandic!

I've used all translations in Bible Study...I just wore out a leather-bound NIV Study Bible so I'm back to my leather-bound New Spirit Filled Life Bible (NKJV).

Have a blessed day!
A Gracious Home said…
I like leather Bibles. They are easier for me to handle. I have several study Bibles but don't use them because the notes distracts me from my Bible reading. I like the King James Bible because I think it's written beautifully. It's like poetry. On line I like the Bible in easy English. Doylene