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Wednesday's Challenge

I had a health scare earlier this week, 1 of my lab results came back red flagged, actually the result was very high. My doctor ordered more blood work, and I waited, albeit not too patiently for the results, he called me this morning to tell me I am healthy, everything is fine. Whew!
It is easy for me to panic, because I've had cancer. I don't want it again. I reminded myself over and over again, God is bigger than any fear that I have, bigger than even cancer. It is so easy to focus and zero in on our fears, and take our eyes off of Jesus.
I had a dog named Maggie, she was an English Pointer, when she would see a bird, or squirrel, or any other small animal that came into her domain of our backyard, she would freeze, lift her left front leg, and point that nose, and stare intently at her target. Maggie would not blink, she would not make a noise, her body in skilled rigidness, all her senses were on that little creature. I am reminded often of her stance, when I take my eyes, my focus off of my Savior Jesus.

Last night I went with several other women at my church to a kick-off celebration, for a revival this fall that will be given by Anne Graham Lotz. I had heard her speak many years ago at a "Wintergreen Conference." When I was invited to attend last night, I jumped at the chance. She said, "the key to revival is repentance of sin. God wants us to take a good look at our sins, stop blaming others, admit and confess our sins, and get right with the Lord." The focus of the kick-off celebration was for all of us as Christians to repent, to get our self in a right standing before the Lord, because we have work to do, we need to tell people about Jesus. She said so often as Christians our focus is on what the "other" people are doing, the sins "they" are committing, but we are committing sins also: envy, ingratitude, neglecting Bible reading, unconcern for the lost, hypocrisy, pride, critical spirit, slander, anger, gossip. She said, "eternity is just a breathe away." That statement is more than just profound, it is certain. Death will come to us all, for some sooner that later. What are we doing that is of eternal significance?
I have committed to help out with this revival event, as a counselor at the revival to those that make a decision for Jesus Christ, and as a follow up Bible study facilitator at my church. I'll keep you posted!

In my Read the Bible Challenge, I am reading chapter 24 of Matthew tonight, I had gotten behind, but I'm caught up now.
"Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away." Matthew 24: 35


~Mrs Sandy~ said…
Praising God that your results came back good! This was a good post and a good reminder of just how big our God is!!!
J. Kaye said…
Bless your heart! I am glad everything turned out.