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Wednesday's Challenge

The image above is the first page of the Gospel of Mark, in the "Book of Durrow." The "Book of Durrow" is a 7TH Century illuminated manuscript, written in about 650 A.D. in either Durrow Abbey in Ireland, or Northumbria, England. This manuscript has all 4 of the Gospel's, each of the Gospel's begin with an evangelist symbol: a man for Matthew, an eagle for Mark, a calf for Luke, and a lion for John. The manuscript is written in the insular script.
The Gospel of Mark was written from Rome, in the mid to late 50's A.D., or some believe as late as 63 or 64 A.D, the purpose was to provide a written account of the life of Jesus. Most scholar's believe that Mark's Gospel was written first. Mark is considered the writer, also called John Mark, he was the cousin of Barnabas the Apostle. Mark worked with Barnabas and Paul in their missionary trips. It is strongly believed that Mark had the help of Peter in writing this Gospel. Mark was a companion of Peter in 1 Peter 5: 13, and was also referred to being with Paul in Rome in Philemon 24. The audience of Mark's Gospel is mainly to the Greek speaking people of the Roman Empire, the Gentiles. In the Gospel of Mark Jesus is revealed as fully human and fully divine, both "Son of Man", and the "Son of God." I found references to the "Son of Man" 14 times, and the "Son of God" is referred to 8 times. One third of the Gospel is spent on the last week of Jesus life on this earth. Mark was probably the young man referred to in Mark 14: 51-52. There are 16 chapters in Mark.
I finished reading the Gospel of Matthew last week, and read the Gospel of Mark chapter 6 today.