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Wednesday's Challenge

This has been a difficult week to stay on task, to read, to blog, to get anything done except just the barest of necessities. We have been having our house leveled, this required 6 holes created by a jackhammer in our humble abode. I have listened to all of the jackhammer noise I care to for the rest of my life. It was necessary for us to move furniture and carpeting out of the way of where the holes would be, I also had to pack up many of my breakable tchotchke's. The dust is still settling, but I've begun to dust anyway and move things back in place. My dad is able to sleep in his own bed tonight, this undertaking has been hard on him. I am very thankful that this mission is accomplished.
I have kept up with my daily Bible readings, I am reading through the book of Matthew and have finished chapters 16 and 17 today.
I have another challenge underway in 2009, no I am not referring to the several book challenges that I am in. I have started weight training again, many years ago I did this, but my life slowly and then rapidly became consumed by caring for my parents. I contacted an ole friend of mine that is a personal trainer to have her give me a solid start, I joined a gym, and I am on a 3 time a week weight training schedule. This is in addition to my cardio walking I do nearly everyday. This is not a "for now thing" these are lifetime commitments to a better health for me. Even though some of my muscles are screaming out, "it feels so good!" Yes, I promise to keep you posted.