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Aloha Reef Series: Midnight Sea

"Midnight Sea" is book 4 in the "Aloha Reef" series by Colleen Coble.
Lani a young woman lives on the big island of Hawaii, she lives with her aunt Rina that owns a coffee plantation. Many of the people that work at the plantation are old friends of Rina, friends that had once lived with her in a hippie commune. Lani is shot by an unknown perpetrator while at the coffee plantation, she becomes blind, the doctor believes it to be temporary. A man named Ben brings his trained guide dog Fisher, to work with Lani to give her security and independence. The book is part mystery, part love story, all in a beautiful exotic setting of Hawaii.
I am new to the author Colleen Coble, having just read another of her books, "Without a Trace." I still have another book to read, "Abomination." Her newest book "Cry in the Night" recently became available this month.
Her website is

I am presently reading the book "Demon, a Memoir" by Tosca Lee
This book is intoxicating, tense, swarthy in dialogue. The author takes Biblical scripture from Ezekiel and Isaiah, and embroiders a character named Lucien. Lucien takes a book editor named Clay on a deliciously descriptive account of the creation, Noah, Job, and the birth of Jesus Christ.
The idea to even write this book is edgy. When I tell people the name of the current book I'm reading, they give me a raised eyebrow look! I will post soon about this book.