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A Dark and Swarthy Character

Last Wednesday I gave a brief introduction to a book that I have now completed. The name of the book is "Demon, A Memoir" by Tosca Lee. As I mentioned previously when I tell my friends the name of the book they give me a "raised eyebrow look," or they say they don't want to hear about it. I try to assure them that the book is Christian fiction, not a secular horror book, nor does the book glorify demonology. This book is a "thinking book," meaning it has solid teaching behind the initial story, of the consequences of sin, and man's indifference to God.
The swarthy character Lucien wants a Boston book editor Clay to write "his" story. Every meeting that these two characters have is provoking, unsettling, and portent (see definition below); but yet for Clay he becomes obsessed with the interviews, and when the next meeting will occur. Clay does not eat well, does not sleep well, his life is monopolized with this daunting story. There is never a cohesion relationship between the two, there is enmity. I was amazed by the author's word usage, many words I had to look up in my dictionary. The fluent flow of the descriptions of the creation was beautiful. I was humbled by the continuous use of describing humans as "clay people," or "people made of mud."
I am nearly finished with Tosca Lee 2ND novel "Havah, The Story of Eve."

Portent-An omen, a sign of something to come, esp. something of a momentous or calamitous nature.