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The Hebrew name for Eve is Havah, meaning birth giver. There are many in the Christian Church that believe the story of Adam and Havah, is just a story that has been told in order to explain the beginnings of the human race. The issue can be a touchy subject and become a heated discussion, labels can be given to people, liberal vs. conservative. I honestly do not believe that God needs us to argue our belief's about Adam and Eve, He needs us to tell people the Good News of Jesus Christ!
"Havah, The Story of Eve" by Tosca Lee
In the first chapter entitled "The Garden" the reader is swept away by the sensuousness of the paradise of Eden. Life in Eden is flawless, harmonious, tranquil, everything flows together and is in perfect unity. The relationship that Adam and Eve have is unyielding in their desire for one another, neither one is ever apart from the other for very long, speaking is not necessary they can discern each others thoughts. Yet, they are like innocent children, they are even awakened in the morning by the "One," their name for God . We know the story from the book of Genesis, that the serpent enticed Eve to eat of the tree that the "One" had told them not to eat of, and that Eve then gave the fruit to Adam to eat. We know that they were banished from the Garden of Eden, and that they were accursed. We know that they had 3 son's named Cain, Abel, and Seth, and that they had other sons and daughters. The rest of their life is not known. The author Tosca Lee embroiders their story, the life they may have lived having many generations of children. The relationship that Adam and Eve had with God changed, and the relationship with each other probably changed as well, I had never thought of this, before reading this book. Before when they were in the Garden of Eden life flowed in perfect unity; out of the garden and out of the perfect plan, Adam and Eve struggled with difficulties in communication, annoying habits, struggles in raising children, and providing for every ones needs.
I am impressed with the authors skill in creating for us a vision of what this first family was like.
I am eagerly anticipating her next novel.