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Question Of the Week #5

"Question Of The Week #5, From Operation Read Bible"
"What do you do in the in between times? Those times when you are in between Bibles, or in between books of the Bible, or in between Bible studies. Do you ever feel a bit lost, a bit unsure of where to go next? What to read, or study next? It's not that you don't want to read, you do, its just that you maybe a bit indecisive, or you maybe a bit overwhelmed with all the choices."
I can sum these questions up in one answer; I don't choose, I don't sum up anything, I am not in a quandary as to what to read, or study in the way of a Bible study, or book of the Bible to read, or in a daily devotional to read. As I wrote in the previous sentence I don't choose, God chooses. I let the Holy Spirit lead me to what He wants me to read, to study. I am His student.
I was in my 8TH year of Bible Study Fellowship when I moved back in with my dad to care for him, I was in prayer as to whether I should transfer back to the class that meets here in this town, or to whether I should join the new Beth Moore study on Esther, or maybe a Precept study. I was patient, I prayed about this decision, and waited, until I felt peace about the decision to be in the Beth Moore study on Esther. I now know what I did not know before, but God knew, that I would travel with some of the members of the Esther Bible study group to see the kick off for a revival this fall that would be given by Anne Graham Lotz, and then be led myself to be apart of the team for the revival. You are right there are many, many, many choices that can be made, but what is the choice that God wants us to make.


A Gracious Home said…
A wonderful post. I will be doing the Beth Moore Study on Esther also. My answer to question 5 is that I never miss reading my Bible. We are living in a great age for Bible Study. There are tons of them on net. I'm doing a good one with WOW called the way of Cain. I hope your Dad is comfortable. Doylene