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Question Of The Week #7

Question of the Week #7, From "Operation Read Bible"
Do you like listening to sermons? Have you ever subscribed to sermon pod casts? Have you ever listened to sermons on the radio? Do you have any favorites? What resources (if any) have you found on the web you'd like to share?
I am a visual person, when I am in church listening to a sermon I take notes, it helps me to better retain the information, and also to keep my attention focused on the sermon message. Listening only to a sermon is more difficult for me, I can for a brief time listen, then I get bored because I do not have visual stimulation. I do try when I am listening only to a sermon to take notes, but once again I am more attentive to visually see the sermon message being given. I have never subscribed to sermon pod casts, nor do I listen to them on the radio. I prefer to go to the websites of those Christian people that I like such as; Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, Charles Swindoll, Max Lucado, and visually read their message; often I will print the message out, because I want to hold in my hand the paper that holds the words in ink that I love to read.
This is a list of some of my favorite Christian resources on the web:


RBrewer said…
Love your blog.

I love sermon podcasts and audio messages and use to subscribe to several but because of time limitations had to narrow the field to those which I thought were best and most edifying.

I enjoyed this one so much I had to back and download and listen to all of his previous sermons.

This one will keep you busy for awhile. It's the Navigators Library from their conferences and training workshops. Tons of refreshing water here.
My third top favorite website would have to be
quickly followed by my forth favorite at
The online Christian Classics Ethereal Library.

And last but not least, my fifth top favorite website is Christian They offer a free audio book at the beginning of the month that is well worth scheduling a reminder on your calendar to go see what it is and download it. They also have a great audio subscription plan for the avid listeners and book lovers.

I have found downloading and listening to these free audio sermons, books and conferences from online has made my most mundane tasks extremely enjoyable not to mention edifying. Wither it is listening in the car, exercising, scrubbing the bathtub or while making photo copies at work, they constantly provide me with opportunities for spiritual growth. Now it's just a matter of chewing and digestion...
A Gracious Home said…
I learn more when I read and look the Scriptures up and take notes. I listen to a lot of studies also. I play a game on the computer that take half an hour to play. I listen to Les Feldick's teaching during that time. He also has written text. I find him to be more compatible with my beliefs than SB like Beth Moore. By the way, would you like us to start a back and forth discussion of what we are learning in our study of Ester? I have noticed a lot of women are studying it. I think a lot of churches are doing Ester this nine weeks. Tonight will be our second lesson.Doylene