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Rock Harbor Series, Without a Trace

"Without a Trace" by Colleen Coble is book 1 in a series of 4 books entitled "Rock Harbor."
Rock Harbor is the name of the imaginary town set near Lake Superior and in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Rock Harbor is surrounded on 3 sides by the Ottawa National Forest.
The author Colleen Coble has a great website that I just spent some enjoyable time reading, also I followed a link over to James Scott Bell's site.
"Without a Trace" sets the pace for the main character in the "Rock Harbor" books, Bree Nichol's. Bree and her dog Samson are a trained search and rescue team, they live in a lighthouse that she and her now missing husband and son lived in. Bree's best friend Naomi lives next door with her mother, and they own a Bed and Breakfast place. Naomi and her dog Charley also team up with Bree and Samson, to search and rescue those that are missing. There is mystery surrounding the disappearance and presumed deaths, of Bree's husband Rob and son Davey, their bodies and plane have not yet been found. The plot unfolds after 2 children are found and they tell the story of a "witch lady" and a little boy living in the forest.
This book was my first introduction to Colleen Coble, I've since started a 2ND book of hers, "Midnight Sea", and have a 3rd sitting in my TBR pile, "Abomination." I am anxious to read book 2 and 3 in the "Rock Harbor" series.