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Why Do You Blog?

Why do you blog?
Blogging requires a lot of creativity, determination, perseverance, study, forethought, and a motive.
What is your motive?
According to there are 112.8 million active blogs, with 175 thousand new blogs created everyday. As my grandmother would say, "thar sure is a whole mess of people out thar that likes to chew the fat." This means there are a lot of people who feel the need to "chat."
My original motive was to store information about the books that I've read, this then morphed into expressing my reviews on books, posting my collection of quotes and poems, practicing my grammar and spelling (don't look to close.) As time went by I felt the desire to go further in expressing my feelings about my life thus far, sharing my struggles, my walk with the Lord. I have shared about my family. I have shared many pictures, some taken by me, some were taken by others. I have stumbled back into something that I enjoyed doing as a kid, telling stories and writing. When I was a youth I loved creative writing in English, I also loved answering essay questions in high school and college. My urge to write has been with me a long time, often I have felt as if there were words and stories that were circling up above my head, but how to catch them and put them on paper, or the computer screen. I may never be a published writer, but write I must, and will.


J. Kaye said…
Your grandmother is right! It's a nice way to rid myself of some nervous energy. :)
A Gracious Home said…
That is why I started too. To store info. I was printing too much. I had about 50 notebooks full of info on Bible study, health and homemaking. For some reason doing this satisfied the desire to keep info and I don't even have ink in my printer. I'm saving about $20 a month now. I enjoy chatting some if I have something in common with the person. Doylene