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"The Beginner's Guide To The New Testament"

"The Beginner's Guide To The New Testament" by William Barclay

This is a small book but packed with information about every New Testament book. William Barclay was a master writer in Bible commentaries; you can read many other commentaries gaining information, then read Barclay's books and everything comes together, he clarifies and brings understanding to New Testament passages.
Barclay writes that "Luke is a scholar of the New Testament, careful investigation and research, an apologist for Christianity and a defender of the faith, a first century Church historian."
"Acts was written with political aim, historical aim and theological aim."
The letters of 1 and 2ND Timothy and Titus are now considered Pastoral letters, but in the beginning they were known as letters of affection.
My dad has the entire collection of William Barclay New Testament commentaries, also several other books written by Barclay, all of them are wonderful!