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"The End Of Reason, A Response To The New Atheists"

"The End Of Reason, A Response To The New Atheists" by Ravi Zacharias

This book was written in response to recent atheist theme books written recently by:
Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins.
I have not read any of their books and will not, too many books, and too little time for me to spend reading trash. "Garbage in garbage out." I am aware that was a snotty remark, but I am being honest.
Ravi could have been a court room attorney, he has the ability to express himself and withholds no punches in his confrontations in answering some of the questions raised by atheists. Ravi has traveled all over the world in his international ministry. He speak from both a heart for and a knowledge of people from other religious belief's, this gives him an astuteness that not many in the Christian community have. His book is a clear and concise retort to atheists.
Many unbeliever's are in hopes that Christians will stay in the back corner and keep our mouths shut. They want us out of the political arena, keep our opinions to our self, and certainly do not tell them that they are wrong. They want the freedom to make their own moral choices, and they decide what is morally wrong or right.
What is your opinion on this last paragraph?


Lanny said…
I like Zacharias' work, he is, as you say, a very good writer.
hopeinbrazil said…
I live in Brazil so I'm a little bit out of the loop of American trends, but I had my eyes opened recently when I heard a podcast from Focus on the Family on "The New Atheists". I'm interested in this topic and appreciate your highlighting this book.

Blessings, Hope
A Gracious Home said…
I have this book and it's very good. You nearly have to be a courtroom attorney to contend for the faith. I was called to defending the faith about eight years ago. It's very hard for me to do because I have always had too much empathy. Since I was a small child I have always seen my view and the other persons view. We have recently had a tragedy in my family of finding out two of my cousins were molested as children. They had kept it a secret for over twenty years. Last week when I was staying with my Mama she asked me the dreaded question about abuse. She's eighty one years old so I told her what she wanted to hear. I'm beginning to wonder there are any families that this hasn't touched. I'm sorry I'm off the subject. The reason I thought of this was that my cousins' Mom gave me the book you are talking about. I have been sick for a few weeks but I will get caught up this week on reading your posts. I always enjoy them. Doylene
MissDaisyAnne said…
Thank you for everyone's comments!
Doylene, I have read that 1 in 4 women have been molested, and I believe that most families have been affected by this horrible crime. I have known families that have been affected by this through several generations of women.
I hope you are well soon!