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Question Of The Week # 10

Question Of The Week #10 from Operation Read Bible

Do you remember your first Bible? How old were you? When did you first begin reading the bible? Do you remember liking it? loving it? finding it too frustrating? too boring? too intimidating? Have your feelings changed through the years?

My first Bible was given to me and dated in the Bible 10-1-1967, I was 3 1/2. The Bible is the size of my hand, full of wonderful vivid color photo's. It has the New Testament only, published by Cambridge At The University Press. The binding and covers are in excellent condition, inside it appears that little Annette wrote on a few of the pages. My earliest memories of this Bible is that I was so proud of it, and now, I still love to look at the pictures, the familiarity of it is comforting. I do not remember when I first started reading the Bible, my parents took me to Sunday school from the very beginning of my life. I remember Bible drills, scripture memorization and receiving small colored sticker stars when I could remember a verse. I remember many of the Bible stories that my Sunday school teachers would tell us while holding up, large 10x13 colored photo's of the stories they read. I never felt like the Bible was intimidating, because I knew it was God's Word, my parents read the Bible and they both taught Sunday school, and the Bible was talked about in our home. When I was nearly 30 I started reading the Bible daily, I have continued this practice of having a daily devotional time every morning, along with my first cup of coffee. I have noticed that my day is "just a mess" if I miss out on my daily Bible reading.