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Question Of The Week #12

Question Of The Week#12 from Operation Read Bible

"Do you ever find yourself conflicted when reading books, does your faith ever stand in the way of you enjoying other books - secular books? Do you try and read only Christian books? Do you read secular books regularly? Have you ever enjoyed a book but hesitated to share it with your Christian friends? Do you think you should judge a book critically looking through the lens of faith...or do you think that fiction is fiction and that it's just a story? When does entertaining become dangerous?"
Great questions Becky!

I have learned to take very seriously the images that I choose to replay in front of my eyes; I am a very visual person and I have a sensitive spirit, and it does not matter if it is a movie, or a book I am reading, I know I will be affected by what I have seen. I also do not want certain input toying around with my thinking, or inviting trouble especially in the erotic avenues of many of the books and movies that are available. In my opinion it is important to chose wisely what we read and watch on t.v., or at the movies, or even on the Internet. Even the wisest Christian can stumble and fall into temptation, and I am not interested in borrowing trouble (as my mother used to say.) I also do not want to be a Christian in name only, I want to live in my witness and testimony, that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. There have been only a couple of books that I have chosen, both secular, that I had enjoyed reading, and then WHAM, I am shocked by the story line. In both of those books I speed read through the part I was shocked about and finished the book. It is rare for me to pick a book that I don't like, much less that shocks me with something I believe is lewd. I read both secular books and Christian books, probably I read more Christian books, but I try and vacillate between the two.