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"Rock Harbor Series, Abomination"

Book four in the "Rock Harbor Series" is "Abomination" by Colleen Coble

A woman in trepidation is fleeing her attacker, she has been violently beaten, she is cut and bleeding, she has a young child with her. Bree Matthews and her young son find this woman and her young child walking on a deserted road, they offer to help in what appears to be a dire situation, and they drive her and the young child to their home. The young woman cannot remember her name, nor where she lives, nor her past, nor of the vicious attack. Bree and her husband Cade Matthews (both introduced in book one of Rock Harbor Series) work to help her find out who she is, and to protect her. The book from the beginning does not leave the reader to doze, the author keeps the reader on the edge to find out who the attacker is, what is the mystery of her past, and as the story unfolds the esoteric reason behind the attack.