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Wednesday's Challenge

Wednesday's Challenge is an update on my reading the Bible daily. I am taking part in a challenge to read the Bible through this year, from Operation Read Bible
I finished reading Luke 22 today, I am nearing the crucifixion.
Luke 19:41 "And when He drew near and saw the city, He wept over it."
Do you weep over the lostness of people? Do you weep over the sadness that is weighing them down because of their lives?
Last night I attended a Bible study taught by a very well known female Bible teacher and speaker. When the program was over I stood in line with several other women all of us for various reasons. My reason is that my dad had adamantly requested her autograph. While I stood in line I had an eye opening and life changing experience, I was impacted by the amount of hurting, crying women that looked so helpless, "like sheep without a shepherd." I heard no conversations, but I studied their facial expressions, their posture, their reactions when this speaker hugged them and prayed for them. I was moved to tears. All day today I have turned this experience over in my head, asking God what is He trying to teach me from this. God has planted in my heart a heightened cognizance of the need to share Jesus with others, and to mentor those that are Christian's. This fall I will be actively involved in a revival in Waco for "Just Give Me Jesus" that Anne Graham Lotz will be preaching at. I have signed on to be a counselor for those making a decision for Christ. I believe that God put me in a position last night in order to prepare me for the revival this fall. Praise you Jesus!