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Wednesday's Challenge

It has rained all day, dark, dreary, windy and cold. I am not complaining, we need the rain desperately. I love the sound of the rain, it is soothing, calming. We have not had any thunder or lightening, just the constant steady fall and dripping of rain.
In my daily Bible readings I have moved in to the Gospel of John, reading John chapter 6 today.
In John chapter 4 is the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus talked to her about "living water," the "living water" is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes to live in a person that has accepted and believed by faith in Jesus, as the Christ the Son of God. The Holy Spirit sets His seal on the believer as ownership. In this verse Jesus is using the term "living water," to represent the Holy Spirit as the quenching and satisfying indwelling of the Holy Spirit in a believer. We were created with a need deep within us to have fellowship with God, it is the Holy Spirit that lives within us that satisfies our every longing and desire to know Him and have fellowship with Him. Saint Augustine wrote, "Our hearts are restless until it rests in you."
There is a problem that humans have had from the beginning, pride.
Pride is "a feeling of elation or satisfaction at achievements, qualities, or possessions, etc. that do one credit, a high or overbearing opinion of one's worth or importance." "Oxford Pocket American Dictionary."
Pride is the attitude of "I'm going to do it myself and give myself all of the satisfaction, and praise, and honor." Pride can keep us stumbling over our same mistakes time and time again, not admitting that we could be wrong, needy, insecure, afraid. After all we are just flesh and bone, and we will eventually die. We are frailer and weaker than we realize.
Pride stands in the way of what we need the most, what will satisfy our very deepest reaches of our soul, God, and fellowship with Him.