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Bible Reading Challenge

I have not kept up with my daily Bible readings over the past week. I continue to have a daily devotional time every morning, but I have not picked back up in reading my way through Acts.

I am well from the virus I'd had last week, I was still sick over the weekend, the virus seemed to stick with me a few days. I bought a Ford Edge last Saturday, I am so thrilled to have a new car. My other car I'd had a long time and it had many miles on it. I feel so blessed! I still continue to peer in to the garage window at this beautiful new car in my garage, and I just cannot believe that it's really mine!

I had shared earlier in the year about my fitness goals for this year, I have failed to keep you posted. I have had setbacks in finding out I have degenerated discs with bone spurs in my neck and back, so I am not lifting weights anymore. I have plantar fasciitis in my right heel and arch, a nerve problem at the ball of my right foot. My left ankle has been sprained so many times in my life that it has never been able to heal. I wear an ankle brace on the left ankle/foot. I wear insoles in both of my shoes, including a pad for the right arch area. Even though I've had these obstacles, I am still walking, I walk 70 minutes 4 to 5 times every week, sometimes longer. I have lost several pounds and some of my clothes I can no longer wear because they are to big. I am looking at my health goals as being lifetime goals, nothing quick fix, but steady lifetime health achievements.