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Bible Reading Challenge

Yikes! I have failed to give an update in far too long!

I did finish the book of Acts, and have prepared a little introduction on it.
"Acts of the Apostles" written by Luke, the faithful friend and traveling companion of the apostle Paul. Luke was with Paul during both of Paul's inprisonments. Luke is the writer of the 3rd gospel, he was a physician, and historical writer of early Church history.
The book of Acts is the bridge between the gospels and Paul's letters. Acts gives the readers details of the Churches that Paul's letters do not give. It could have been written as early as 60-61 A.D. The major theme is "The Church witnessing for Christ" according to Charles Erdman. The book of Acts does not mention all of the apostles and because of this, the title "Acts of the Apostles" can be misleading. Many believe that a more accurate title for this book should be "The Acts of the Holy Spirit." The Holy Spirit is mentioned 50 times in the book.
The main cast of characters that are mentioned are Peter, Paul, John, and then Stephen, Barnabas, and Philip. Acts is divided by people, in chapters 1-12 Peter's work is mentioned, then in chapters 13-28 Paul's missionary work and travels are written about. The established Church at Jerusalem is written about in chapters 1 and 2, the conflicts with the Jews in chapters 3 and 4. It was as a result of the conflicts with the Jews that the early Christian Church spread out and the gospel message was preached to the gentiles.
I read a great quote in "The Acts" by Charles Erdman,
"The Acts is not so much concerned with the development of Christian life or the application of Christian truth as with the work of preaching the gospel."

I am now reading chapter 8 of the book of Romans, this chapter is one of my favorite places in the Bible.